5 Tips in De-cluttering Your Home

The idea of living a simple and uncluttered life with less stuff may seem to be a good idea. Having fewer belongings means less cleaning and organizing. It will also mean less stress and more energy for other passions. As a mom who’ve stored too many stuff at home and didn’t have the time to take care of what’s still needed or not, your question would be, “where in the world do I begin?” In this case, decluttering your home can be overwhelming. No worries, here are 5 easy tips on decluttering your home.

Let’s get started.

The Four-Box Method

This is the technique I most often use in our home. As I set out to de-clutter rooms, I prepare four boxes; give away, trash, keep, or relocate. I place each item into one of the four boxes. After collecting all items to give away, throw away, keep, or relocate, I set a 2 or 3 day deadline for the items to go where they should go.

Create a list

Make a list of areas in your home to declutter starting with the easiest to the toughest place. Then schedule your de-cluttering in those areas. Tick them off from your to do list once done.

Fill one trash bag

This is one of my favorite ways of de-cluttering when I do a general cleaning. Grab a large trash bag and see how fast you can fill it. Fill it with anything that you want to throw away. They could be papers, old toys, or broken stuff. After doing this, make sure to check the bag for some important papers like bills that you have to keep.

Closet Hanger Reverse

To identify clothes to clear out, hang them with the hangers in opposite direction. After wearing an item, put it back to your closet with the hanger facing the right direction. After 6 months, you will have an idea which items are no longer used and you can easily discard them. This is a great way of making room for new wardrobes.

Regardless of the technique you choose to de-clutter your home – your goal is to get started. I’m sure you’ve already tried a technique that works for you. Keeping your home organized and clutter-free isn’t really tiring and stressful when you do them regularly. Stop accumulating things that are no longer be useful. Your home should be a relaxing and comfortable place.

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